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Aj sudy sú dôležité pre kvalitné vína.AQUAFLEX. This process was developed with…

Aj sudy sú dôležité pre kvalitné vína.


This process was developed with the University Institute of Vine and Wine (Dijon). It involves saturating oak wood in water to reduce the amount of soluble tannins present and limit their impact. The partially constructed barrels are completely immersed by coopers at high temperature for a precise time period. The coopers then quickly bend them by firing, which is followed by toasting. Since toasting evaporates excess water in the oak, it takes longer, is gentler and penetrates the wood more deeply than traditional firing.

This process reduces tannin content and excessively smoky or roasted aromas in the wood. It is suitable for winemakers looking for delicate hints of vanilla and sweet spices, a moderate tannin content and respect for the original fruity flavour of their wine.

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